Gallery Walk Business Registration
You will need to complete this registration form, submit payment to Cache Valley Center for the Arts, 43 South Main, Logan, UT 84321,
and send complete artist information at least three weeks before each event.

Make your space inviting to the public, be sure patrons have easy access to event information, and find new artists or artwork to show each Gallery Walk.  Your efforts will contribute to the reputation of your business and the event.
5 Steps to a Successful Gallery Walk

Registration: Complete Registration at least four weeks before each Gallery Walk event.
Artwork: Curate new and interesting artists to keep patrons coming back.  Submit complete artist information at least three weeks before each Gallery Walk event.
Banners:  Banners inform potential patrons driving or walking past that there is an event coming up.  Venues are responsible for hanging banners and adhering to city code which will be provide upon request.  Businesses may be charged up to $120 for replacement of damaged or lost banners.
Promotion: CacheArts will collect information, design, print, and deliver posters, maps, and banners one week prior to the event. PSAs, social media, community calendars, and other media outlets (as funds allow) will also be utilized.  Share social media posts and blog about your artist.
Atmosphere: Provide an inviting and comfortable gallery environment for patrons.  Consider providing music, refreshments, and assigning someone to assist and interact with patrons.
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I acknowledge my spot in Gallery Walk is not secure until payment and complete artist information has been received by CacheArts by the stated deadline.  I accept responsibility for finding artist(s) for my own venue and for providing accurate and timely information.
If you would like an invoice, where would you like it sent?

Alternatively, you can pay by phone with a VISA or Mastercard at 435-554-7065.
Or, bring in a check to 43 S. Main in Logan, UT 84321.  Make checks out to CacheArts.
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