Angela Fonnesbeck & Thomas Johnson Scholarship
The Artists' Gallery Scholarship for Visual Arts
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Awards are designed to increase access to arts education opportunities to diverse populations and to individuals for whom the experience may have a significant positive contribution to their lives.  Scholarships cover partial tuition and do not cover supplies or fees.  Applications are reviewed by a scholarship committee.  Scholarship awards are contingent upon funds available and will be awarded to any educational program located in the Bullen Center or Thatcher-Young Mansion.  This opportunity will be extended to as many programs and individuals as possible.  Students will be contacted by a member of CacheArts once a decision has been made.
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Funding for 2016-2017 has been spent.  Please check back in August 2017 for scholarship availability for Fall classes at CacheArts.  Thank you!

You may submit applications after due dates; however, funds may be depleted.  Scholarships will not be reviewed until the due dates listed here.  You will receive notification by email after that.

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For example: Art, Ceramics, New Horizons Orchestra, Logan Youth Shakespeare, Photography, Unicorn Theatre, Valley Dance Ensemble.
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Include meeting days and times if applicable.  Please be specific.
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Please keep in mind scholarships only cover partial tuition and no supply costs.
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Explain why you wish to sign up for this class and why you are in need of financial assistance at this time. *

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I understand that, if I am awarded a scholarship, I will be responsible for paying the balance of any remaining tuition and fees before registration closes.  I agree to forfeit my scholarship if I do not fulfill this obligation.  I understand that payment can be made by phone with a VISA or MasterCard or I can pay with cash or check in person at the Bullen Center Ticket Office, 43 South Main Street in Logan during open hours.  I certify that I am able to comply with these terms.
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