We are excited that you are coming to see a student matinee at CacheArts.
This is the second step in the registration process for those who have already completed the Sign Up Form.

Don't forget to check out the study guides for theater etiquette, show details, and activities at www.CacheArts.org/student-matinees/.
School name? *

Which show? *

Number of seats needed? *

Include wheel chair spots and all chaperones/teachers in your total.
Number of buses? *

Bus parking is along 100 South between Main and 100 West.

Do you need any accommodations?

wheel chair spots, walkers/crutches, etc.
Where should we send the invoice? *

Cost: $1/reserved seat. Please include the mailing address or email address.
Arrange to arrive 15 to 30 minutes before the start of the show for seating.  Bus parking is along Center Street between Main and 100 West.  Call 435-554-7065 if you have any questions.

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